This is Lenman

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carpet Shark


Ne.. Ne... Ne... Ne


DiDiDooooooooooooooooooooo Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne

Monday, February 19, 2007

suck ups

pffffft after the whole cheating debacle - see below... the morons decided to suck up to me with a new blanket.


they went to Ikea and got 'trapped' apparently, and were forced to walk all the way thru the marketplace, and got me a new blanket out of the sheer goodness in their hearts


they were just scared is all, and this rug is a peace offering.

I dont know why they bother with blankets? considering my blankets really consist of a pile of clean laundry and or/their heads.

at least they are on their toes.

Friday, February 09, 2007

What the HECK@!! is this shit

so, having a bit of a squiz on the old laptop I was.. and looky what I just happened to come across:

who the HELL!! is this??

what the HELL! are you doing on my owners shoulder! thats MY shoulder!

Tart. Both of you. Scum Cheater Fishbreath Skanks

what are you looking at??!! My claws as they come towards your face??

Oh that's just great. Germify all the clothes in the bag for when they return.
I dont know what the hell is going on in these pictures.. supposedly the idiots were going on a nice tropical holiday to hopefully "sleep with the fishes" as was my understanding.. but apparently they were up there shmoozing with a younger, smaller, cuter, fluffier version than my perfect self.
This just REEEKS of a giant poo. no wait... this reeks of about TEN giant smelly poos! to think you would get suckered in by this little vixens cutesy whiskery fluffball cuddle-me-eyes.
Pah!! you'll rue the day. RUE THE DAY.
Where is my scratching post? by that i mean. Your Face. At Midnight. After I wipe my kitty litter all over it.
This is NOT over.!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Holiday

had such a great time at "rancho relaxo" ie: Georginas. Whilst it could be said that I spent a lot of time sleeping, i also enjoyed the delights of my wonderous paradise.

hanging near the aqarium, i actually didnt even notice this waterworld adventureland whilst I was there, i was too busy doing other activities, i'll know for next time to pack my goggles and fake tan.

bag time. who doesnt love a good bag?? Hours and Hours of fun to be had in a paperbag,

Darts. I became very skilled at the art of darts.

Shoe Fetish. I became a fashionista in the cupboard, telling George which heels to wear with what skirt. I was like "honey, noone likes wedges, they are so like, before I was even born"
Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I got so bored being forced to play 'the x-files' boardgame, that i lapsed into a momentary coma. even though i did know quite a few of the answers, thanks to the Morons, being avid X-Files Fans.
Overall, I had the bestest time evah! at Georgina's Cat Heaven. Walks on the balcony in my harness, seeing a BBQ for the first time, sleeping on someone elses bathmat and watching them pee.
Good Times. Good Times.
The Morons are taking me back captive again, to the land of No Darts. Jerks.
I'm going to get back at them by telling them to get lots and lots of pairs of Wedges, ha ha! jokes on them when they realise how stupid they look.
pffffffft wedges.