This is Lenman

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lenny Gaga

Let's have fun, this catfood's sick, I wanna take a sniff of your litter stick.
I can see you standing there, from across the apartment, with a scowl on a face and a poo on the carpet.

Lord of the Dance

Iiiiy it be McLenny... with this McBoots on playing his McFlute.
Shiver me bones.. where's me bagpipe??

Gordon Ramscat

Aha!!!!!!! My New Calling.. a reality show called the 'L Word'
For F*!#'s sake. ya f!#*ing dumb c#*!.... I said eggs over easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya f*#ker!!

Lenny Lovelace

hmmm, this is not what I had in mind.
Don't Judge Me!
You don't know how hard it is for a performer!!!
One minute you're in the park and a guy comes past and says you've got a great face for film.. and the next.. well I don't want to get into it....
I don't know what was the most degrading.. when I was made to lick my own asshole or having eat Friskies.. seriously! friskies, only Hobo cats eat that shit.

The Phantom of the Operacat

is herrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

Being that I am in close proximity to the world famous West End, I have decided to make my debut. Luckily the apartment has a giant dance mirror in the loungeroom so I busy my days whilst the idiots are at work practicing my routines.

Broadway here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...whoa (keanu reeves voice)


Those guys on Portobello Green have the best freaking weed in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now to fly off and find me a spit roast and some cheese.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese.

Up Town Girl

I really just have no words..
this city is AWESOME!!!!
No one told me it was officially ok to wear your Ugg Boots in public. Rock On.
It's also cool to not have STD checks and sleep around a lot, so umm. yeah. I might have cat-aids right now.
Loving SOHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally, I am free to be me.

Good Morning Sunshine....

And where in the goddam hell am I?!???!??!

27 hours in a crate of newspaper and my own urine, and this is what I come to??

I see I didn't rid myself of the Idiots, as I thought I had.. no no, they have taken me somewhere new. somewhere far.. somewhere smaller.

At least in this place I can get the wind on my face, and then one day, i'm out that window, down the window ledge, onto the street, hailing the 452 bus, going to Victoria Station, Catching the Gatwick Express and going HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

although I do like the look of those heaters.. mmmm warm