This is Lenman

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lenny and the Magic Nugget's

It was 7pm, and all the through the house not a creature was stirring. Not even a fake-mouse.

I had just stepped out of a nice warm shower, and was letting the jacuzzi fog seep into the hallway, Lenny was at my feet, and I walked down the hall to pick up what I thought was 'brown mousies'

It was however Not. Brown Mousies.

This was different.

Same size as brown mousies.. same weight as brown mousies.. same colour as brown mousies.. On closer inspection, to my horror. It was not brown mousies.

It was a poo.

A hard nuggety poo.

Where did you come from magic nugget? I just walked down the hall about 15 mins beforehand and there were no magic nuggets in the hallway. From whence did the magic nuggets come from??!!

Whilst these thoughts were running through my head, I realised I was holding a turd, and threw it in the toilet. I went back to disinfect the area and scrub my fingertips off.

Oh whats this??? a round magic nugget!! flattened from me standing on it and inspecting the previous nugget. Hello there 2nd magic nugget.

Socks = disinfecting tub
Feet = disinfecting bath
Hall = disinfecting bomb
Hands = disinfecting scrub

Where oh where do you come from Magic Nuggets. Lenny won't tell me. I think he knows though, as he hid under the kitchen table looking at me whilst I stood there inspecting his poo about to throw it down the hall when I mistook it for brown mousies.

You got me Lenny!

You got me goooooooood.