This is Lenman

Friday, April 20, 2007

Busy Bee

In sad news, the idiots somehow broke the camera, so there are less photos of me being cute.. and unless I'm shamelessly whoring my pretty face, I was thinking "whats the point in blogging?" a good story isn't as good without illustrations.

RECAP of Recent.

Idiot 1... the one who constantly follows me around after I do a poo to make sure i'm not dragging poo onto the carpet... (sif!!) has been home a lot recently, I think she's looking for a new job... It's really encroaching on my personal time...

Now I dont have the freedom to run up and down the hall for hours without someone sticking their big stupid face down the hall and asking me "whats goin down here then??"

I am over-cuddled.. I think I put in an 18 hour stint the other day, from the bedroom to the couch and we didnt move.. well, I could tell idiot wanted to move to get the remote, but I did the thing where you look really cute and relaxed and they dont want to disturb you, so she didnt move and had to watch something really bad on tv... suck shit.

The best thing to happen was, we had a visitor stay over and we needed more blankets and they must have borrowed the blankets from my girlfriend because I could smell her all over it!!! So I was AWOL for a few days whilst I soaked up all the phermones....

Other than that, I am cramped, I keep trying to escape on a daily basis.. I almost got out the other day, but the morons are fast.

They brought some ridiculous video game and have been jumping all over the loungeroom waving their arms around... peculiar... and they think I'M the weirdo for wanting to sleep in the cupboard with the saucepans..