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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

some weird creature

one of these things entered the realm on Saturday Night:

A 'possum' apparently. or "ugly fucker" if you ask me...

I can see the advantage of having those razor sharp claws to claw the eyeballs out of the stupid captors heads, but other than that, no thanks.. you stink weird thing.

The idiots were totally freaking out, what losers. I was all "whateverrrrr.... is there anything good on TV"

Plus one of the bigger idiots was calling it a 'squirrel', listen retard, I may only live in a space around 55sq m, but I know the difference between a possum and a squirrel... um what hemisphere are you living in?


Anyway, where was I??

Oh yeah, those claws... I could claw my way to freeeedom!!!!!!!!!

Or at least claw a massive hole in their stupid couch that I am never allowed to touch, yeah jokes on you suckers, just wait till you see what I did to the lining underneath.



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